Victor L. Walker, Industrial Designer

Design is alive and organic….design is also for everyone. I believe in, and practice, a user centered design approach that creates solutions that both enhance the end user experience, as well as create profits. Great product design requires acknowledging that I must continue to grow and listen to my clients needs, as the ever changing world of design drives human and product development.

I am a practicing design professional with over 15 years of experience in developing various consumer products. I have focused my design efforts on innovative, creative design processes that look to break paradigms. I actually use all of my design solutions and never leave well enough alone. I believe the relationship of function and form can be beautiful, but products must work as intended. Designs must always accommodate the human equation and adapt to our needs and not force users to change their habits and or behaviors.

Creative Studio

Acuda is a cross-disciplinary collective specializing in industrial and interactive design. The design team at Acuda thrives on customizing our services to align with our clients particular needs.  We are a small firm, but we can offer personalized attention and many years of design experience.

The secret to offering award-winning design is found in the passion of our design team. We believe that people want experiences, not just products. Our hope is for your audience to experience life through your product. The creation of that experience through our work is what drives us to your success. Our grandest hope for humanity is for everyone to truly experience life. Shared experience is the greatest tool for building trust between you and your audience.

That’s the deal with our studio.